Facebook Blocks Paths Access to Find Friends

In reaction to Path’s latest privacy issue, Facebook has announced it blocked access for rival social networking app Path. Users who have installed Path will no longer be able to utilize its “Find Friends” feature, the culprit of the app’s alleged spamming to their Facebook friends through SMS and phone calls.

Path users, however, will still be able to log in through Facebook and be able to share their content from Path to their Facebook Timeline.

The 150-friends-only social networking app has been through a lot of scrutiny lately as many users complained about how it spammed text messages and robocalls to their Facebook contacts. The spam messages arrived at around 6:00 a.m. last week, disrupting many people from their sleep. After receiving way too many complaints, Facebook has decided that it would no longer provide Path access to FB’s friends list and the personal information it contains.

This little snag poses as a challenging for Path, as whether the app’s lack of access to Facebook would be detrimental to its growing user base. Path announced last week that it has reached over 10 million registered users, and it may find that growth dwindle if it does not find other ways to entice users fast. Users can still invite friends through their Gmail and Twitter accounts, as well as through their contact list.

Path is not the only one that is banned from Facebook. The popular social networking service has blocked the likes of MessageMe and Voxers. Many speculated before that Facebook blocked MessageMe because it poses a threat against FB’s Messenger service. Facebook, however, stated that the ban is due to how MessageMe copied Messenger’s core functionalities.

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