Facebook Begins Message for a Fee Experiment in Zuckerbergs Inbox

Last month, Facebook announced that it is toying on an idea to allow users send messages to people they are not connected with for a fee. That experiment has apparently been conducted, starting with their CEO’s Timeline.

Mashable discovered that Facebook users would have to pay $ 100 just to send a message to his inbox. As expected, reactions abound ranging from Zuckerberg becoming greedy to Facebook becoming desperate for cash.

But Sarah Perez of TechCrunch noted that the $ 100 payment is just Facebook’s way of testing “how high prices have to be to keep spam out of your inbox.”

Also included in this experiment are the recent changes in Facebook’s inbox privacy settings. The social networking site used to allow members to filter whose messages they want to see (friends, friends of friends, or everyone). Now the filtering options have become a little more flexible, allowing users to set their inbox into “Basic Filtering” (read messages from friends and other people they may know) and “Strict Filtering” (see messages from friends only).

These updates in Facebook’s inbox would better determine whether such messages would land on your inbox or on the “Other” inbox, a section in Facebook Messages most users rarely visit.

Source: Mashable, via TechCrunch

Photo credit: Mashable
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