Google Takes Aim at Torrent Sites

Google has re-modified its web search algorithms with an intention to demote websites with high numbers of copyright complaints, such as torrent sites. The new algorithm also changes the search results if Google suspects there will be a pirate site appearing on the list.

It is also Google’s way of avoiding possible accusations from copyright owners of fostering Internet piracy. The web search company can simply say, “At least we did our part.”

Questions abound after Google announced its new algorithm. Tech pundits wonder whether it will eliminate torrent sites from its search results completely. And if there were, will these sites be actually honeypot links created by authorities to apprehend would-be illegal downloaders?

There is also an issue with regards to YouTube, the Google-owner video sharing site that is also rife with materials that violate copyright. It would be a bummer if a bunch of “Super Bass” covers become kaput in the search results. Google, however, claims that YouTube will remain untouched by the tweaked algorithm.

Source: PC Magazine
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